Fertilizing winter crops

Seed dressing

Used for the preparation of AugiMAX Bio+NPK~10L concentrate/1t seed.

Seed is coated while not dilution with water in pure concentrate. If the seed isn‘t treated, 50% of the counseled rate will be added;


1.  If the seeds haven't been coated with AugiMAX Bio+NPK concentrate before sowing, the crop is sprayed with AugiMAX Bio+NPK when germination (3-4 true leaves) at a counseled rate of 5ltr/1h.This spraying shall be applied consistent with the condition of the crop and environmental condition conditions. If for a few reason the fall application can not be made, it shall be carried over to the spring. If the seed has been coated with AugiMAX Bio+NPK concentrate before sowing, this spray shall be omitted;

2.     Spring fertilization at the beginning of the growing season: 100-150 kilo/ha of nitrogen fertilizer, reckoning on the condition of the crop (approx. 50-90 kg of the active ingredient nitrogen (N)), (ammonium sulphate, urea, UAN, KAS, saltpeter, or similar);

3.     Spray AugiMAX+NPK at a counseled rate of 5ltr/ha of fertilizer + 10kg of urea (at a similar time because the first herbicide application);

4.     After 10-15 days, apply AugiMAX+NPK fertilizer at a recommended rate of 5ltr/1h + 10kg urea;

5.     After 10-15 days, apply AugiMAX+NPK fertilizer at a recommended rate of 5ltr/1h + 10kg urea;

6.     If necessary, to improve grain quality, spray 20 kg/ha of urea at the beginning of the ripening period;

7.     Use AugiMAX Humi when harvest for quicker biological process of organic residues. The counseled quantity is five ltr/1 ha. when harvesting, spray on straw, followed by cultivation or shallow ploughing. The stipulations for the merchandise to figure are an region temperature of +10 C° or additional and soil surface moisture; don't plough deeper than 20 cm.

  • The concentrate must be thoroughly mixed before use;
  • To dilute the fertilizer concentrate, soft water is recommended;
  • The use of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides is allowed in combination with AugiMAX+NPK, provided that the manufacturers of the latter do not prohibit the co-use of these with bio-organic fertilizers and growth promoters;
  • Keep containers of fertilizer out of direct sunlight;
  • In case of doubt or uncertainty, it is recommended to contact the seller;

AugiMAX formulations and explanations:

AugiMAX NPK – composition standard AugiMAX + NPK fertilizer.

AugiMAX Bio – composition standard AugiMAX + nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus-releasing bacteria. The main use of AugiMAX Bio is as a seed dressing or as a prie-emergence spray for the incorporation of bacteria into the soil on organic farms.

AugiMAX Bio + NPK – the combination of standard AugiMAX + nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus-releasing bacteria (Bacillus azotofixans, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus mojavensis) + NPK fertiliser.

AugiMAX Humi – standard AugiMAX + Trichoderma harzanium fungus, used to accelerate humification of organic residues.

A brief summary of why you should use AugiMAX bacterial products:

·       Bacteria in spore form, do not need to be frozen.

·       The bacteria have a working temperature of +4 degrees soil temperature.

·       Operating PH range 2-9.

·       Nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus-releasing bacteria work only through the soil. Use only for topdressing and a maximum of 2 sprays at the initial growth stage of the plant, when bare ground is still visible and most of the spray is applied to the soil. For subsequent sprays, use only pure AugiMAX or AugiMAX+NPK without bacteria, as bacteria will NOT penetrate the leaves.

·       The bacteria in AugiMAX Bio need moisture for their initial ‚binding‘ and multiplication, so spraying is best done in the evening or on a foggy day before a light rain.

·       AugiMAX Bio is filtered through a 130 micron filter – no risk of clogging any nozzles on the market.

·       The bacteria are placed in AugiMAX humic, biologically active concentrate.

·       The application rate is 7-10 litres per tonne of seed, depending on the size of the seed. Do not dilute with water.

·       Hectare spray rate 5 litres of AugiMAX Bio concentrate. The water dilution ratio depends on your sprayer. You know how many litres of water you normally spray per hectare. The key is to apply 5 litres per hectare.

Sustainable fertilization with top dressing prices (excluding containers and delivery) for 1 hectare:



Quantity in litres

Price per litre

Price per hectare




8,10 €

20,25 €




4,20 €

21,00 €




4,20 €

21,00 €




4,20 €

21,00 €

AugiMAX Humi

Organic humus


6,45 €

32,23 €

In Total

115,48 €

Natural AugiMAX without additives price is 2,4 euro for 1 liter.