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We are a tiny low family farm and one among the primary producers of biohumus (vermichumus in English and science) in Baltic State and Europe. we will with confidence say that to supply quality biohumus with the best attainable organic nutrient content, you wish understandledge, skills, expertise and also the ability to draw conclusions. With the supply of quality biohumus, we have a tendency to had the chance to produce a liquid biohumus with a singular composition, that we named AugiMAX. Most alternative liquid biohumus producers don't know what quality biohumus is, in order that they are unable to dissolve it, leading to a failure of the fermentation method and ultimately a failure to filter it. By testing, researching and analyzing our distinctive product, we will currently with confidence say that we've created a base medium for future fertilizer applications that may facilitate to considerably cut back the requirement for mineral fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and can open up new opportunities for soil bacteria. scan all the data here and suppose what would happen if it were extremely true?

AugiMAX may be a distinctive bioactive product developed in Lithuania, on a family farm, for modern, innovative agriculture. AugiMAX is created from the best quality biohumus, therefore it contains balanced soil substances that are simply absorbed by plants, all the parts of associate ecologically clean vermicompost with extra elements created by the activity of fungi and living small organisms. One cubic centimeter of this unique organic matter contains around ten million colonies of living micro-organisms. the merchandise contains a fancy of macro and micro elements, growth and development hormones, fulvic, humic and amino acids, phytovitamins. the quality composition of AugiMAX doesn't contain any additional chemical additives or preservatives. AugiMAX enters associate anabolic (dormant) state thanks to the extraordinarily high concentration of live micro-organisms and solely wakes up when dilution with water.

Evolution has shown that the AugiMAX bio-agent is unbelievably effective in aiding the uptake of mineral fertilizers, and intensely effective once employed in combination with soil bacterium. Researchers at the Estonian Institute have discovered that commixture the presently highly regarded soil bacteria (nitrogen-fixing, phosphorus-releasing or straw-degrading) with AugiMAX concentrate will increase the viability and potency of the bacteria by up to an element of three. The efficiency is explained by the very fact that the bacteria within the soil right away receive the proper medium and food from the AugiMAX organic kindulation and, at identical time, form a favourable surroundings in the root rhizosphere layer for the total development of the plant.

We are the primary to combine a biologically active, humus-based product with soil bacterium. we've got solved  the issues of transporting and diluting the bacteria. as a result of the bacteria are in an exceedingly reproductive structure form, they're not frozen and might stay in our concentrate for many years. These bacteria are taken from the soil, in order that they are often used at the side of the quality AugiMAX in organic farms.

We use specially purified, high-concentration Bacillus azotofixans, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus mojavensis. The action of these bacteria can generally be explained as follows:

Bacteria within the AugiMAX concentrate break down organic matter, fix free atmospherical nitrogen and supply biological nitrogen to the plant. The bacterium additionally break down insoluble phosphorus salts in the soil and feed the plant with biological phosphorus.

Bacteria living within the soil, near to the roots of plants, secrete a range of biologically active substances that promote the expansion and healthy development of the plant:

1.      plant growth stimulator;

2.      antibiotics and immune system stimulants;

3.      vitamins;

4.      enzymes;

5.      phytohormones;

6.     and substances with antifungal properties, therefore inhibiting the development of pathogenic, plant disease-causing fungi within the rhizosphere (around the plant' root system).

Following the authorities' ambition to cut back the utilization of mineral chemicals and also the use of less fungicides, pesticides and herbicides within the future, and realizing the distinctive organic surroundings we have a tendency to have, we set to work. we have a tendency to set to undertake combination our unique organic bioactive concentrate AugiMAX with NPK mineral fertilizer. we have a tendency to had to dissolve the mineral fertilizer ourselves mistreatment special tools to dissolve and purify it to the purpose wherever it'd not "wake up" and activate the living micro-organisms and bacterium in the organic formulation once mixed with AugiMAX. With the assistance of scientific discipline biologists and scientists, we spent a long time calculating, consideration and dissolving the mineral NPK fertilizers till we have a tendency to got the required result.

In 2020, we've developed a strategy to considerably scale back the requirement for mineral fertilizers exploitation our merchandise, while not sacrificing yield and yield characteristics. Real field trials over 2 years North American countrying AugiMAX products showed no distinction in yield compared to a neighbour employing a typical chemical model. Neighbours threshed an equivalent quantities. exploitation our methodology, the farmer used concerning eighty percent less bulk mineral fertilizer. the utilization of microorganism and humus preparations provides us confidence within the improvement of the soil structure and therefore the expected increase in yields in the future. And on top of all, the farmer spends less cash on fertilizer, thus he's doubly happy.

The biggest advantage of liquid fertilizers over bulk mineral fertilizers is:

When mistreatment bulk fertilizers, you‘re typically dependent on the weather. Usually, in spring, there‘s enough wet within the soil to permit the majority fertilizer to dissolve well and be haunted by the plants. In recent years, the weather in Lithuania has been drier with earlier springs and also the bulk fertilizer didn‘t dissolve efficiently. Most of it‘s not been absorbed.

From 2030, an EU directive can oblige farmers to use a minimum of 50% pesticides, fungicides and herbicides and to fraction the utilization of mineral fertilizers. We propose that you simply step into 2030 this year, respecting nature, pondering soil structure, up crop quality, saving cash and mistreatment Lithuanian products.

Summary, why should you choose AugiMAX products?

1.     AugiMAX is a unique biologically active product containing a complex of macro and trace elements, growth and development hormones, fulvic, humic and amino acids, phytovitamins.

2.     Can be used on both organic and intensive chemical farms.

3.     AugiMAX is incredibly helpful for plant uptake of mineral fertilizers.

4.     If you use bacteria, use AugiMAX together to make it even more effective.

5.     Want to start using bacteria on your farm? Choose our product with spore-forming nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus-releasing bacteria mixed together with AugiMAX. Step into the 2030s now, save the environment and save money.

6.     Buy one, get three. Unique AugiMAX, soil bacteria and mineral fertilizer in one.

Want to considerably scale back the quantity of mineral plant food you use? We‘ve got the solution for you!!! We‘ve got regarding one hundred tones of our own production accessible for 2022, so we have a tendency to are trying to find a bigger farm or a partner on the foreign market. With 100 tonnes of our distinctive liquid organics and exploitation our tested methodology, around 6000 hectares of crops can be cultivated. In 2023, we might double the quantities by extending our cooperation.