Biohumus-based earth mixture

Purpose: Biohumus-based earth mixture prepared as a planting substrate, for germination of flowers, vegetables, spice seeds, replanting their seedlings, indoor, balcony and outdoor flowers, growing and replanting of open and close soil vegetables, garden and ornamental plants (seedlings), improving the planting soil.

Recommendations for use: When sowing seeds add the mixture to the planting container, water abundantly, pour the seeds, cover with 1-1.5 cm soil mixture, moisten the and cover with a film. Remove the film after seed germination. When replanting the seeds to the greenhouse or open field, add the mixture to the planting pit, water abundantly. When planting or replanting indoor plants, place a 2–3 cm drainage layer of pebbles or bloating clay on the bottom of the pot, add the soil mix, place the plant and water abundantly. When planting the berry bushes (current, gooseberries etc.) and fruit trees, add the soil mixture to the planting pit, water abundantly and place the seedling.

Ingredients: vermicompost – natural biohumus – 30 %, organic compost – 40 %, multipurpose mix of peat bog 30 %, liquid concentrated growth stimulator “AugiMAX - 5 liters per cubic meter, reaction (pH) – 5.5–7, electrical conductivity (EC mS/m) – below 25.

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